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Siudy Professional 1 Red Shoes - Pre Order


***The Menkes factory closes every August, so no shoes will be made during that month. All orders placed during the month of July will be ready in late September or early October. Orders placed in August will be ready in late October or early November.***

Siudy has all the aspects of a professional flamenco shoe: sound, aesthetics and comfort. The heel is made of Palo Santo, which radiates a wonderful sound. It has the famous Cuban heel which is thicker than a standard heel and it provides more stability. The overlaying lace portion is a beautiful touch. We kept the tip of the shoe, which is used the most while dancing and tends to peel off, in the standard black leather for the ease of touch up with paint, making the shoe look new.


  • Grade: Professional 1
  • Material: Leather
  • Includes shoe laces in two colors ( lace color & leather color )
  • Made in Spain

*Allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.