Black Matt Fiberglass Flamenco Castanets: Pandero nº 5


Black Matt Fiberglass Flamenco Castanets:Pandero nº 5
The model Pandero Matt nº 5 is made of fiberglass mixed with cellulose. This process increases hardness and improves
sound quality. The castanets are black, their tonality is matt and their touch is smooth thank to the wax used during their 
elaboration. The "neck" is slim and the "ears" are short. This model are made to help students learn the basics of castanet. The name of
castanets is pandero because their base is completely level and they are similar to a Spanish tambourine or "pandero". Ideal
for beginners.

Castanets are percussion instruments.
Filigrana is one of the most experienced traditional establishments on the flamenco market (Sevilla, España). 
The company of craftsmen based in Seville offers highly resilient castanets, which are not susceptible to atmospheric changes and give a precise sound and a greater volume than wooden models. For the castanets´ fabrication, they combine the traditional knowledge and technique in order to obtain solid castanets that give the professional dancers an instrument with the right precise sound.
- Flamenco castanets with andalusian traditional style threads.
- Model Pandero  Matt Black Fiberglass nº 5
- For semi-professional use.
- Case included.

6'9 x 8'9 cms.
2'7 x 3'5 Inches.